2005 operating system vunlerabilities.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team has released it’s 2005 Year End Index of reported vulnerabilities.  The numbers were a bit surprising, at least to me, this year.  It breaks down (at a high level) as follows from most to least:
  1. 2,328 – Unix/Linux Operating System.
  2. 2,058 – Multiple Operating System.
  3. 812 – Windows Operating System.
Wipe that look off your face!  Now, this does sparke debate.  For example, this is purely the number found.  It does not have to do with how widespread they were, how sever or how much the estimated cost of the vulnerability was to the public, but it is interesting.  It also may point to the fact that Unix/Linux is a bit more mainstream than some give it credit for.


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