Championship Weekend

The NFL’s conference championship games will be played this weekend. Of course I will be most anxiously watching the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Carolina Panthers.  I have to admit that I am a bit nervous.  As I stated in my earlier post, being a long-time Seahawk fan tends to set one up for disappointment.

Listening to the NFL pundits, I have to give a slight advantage to the Hawks who have repeatedly been tagged as the league’s most balanced team.  The X factor in this game from all of the analysis that I have heard is the Panther’s receiver Steve Smith.  He has been the biggest clutch receiver in the league and my are shocked that he did not receive even 1 vote for MVP this year.  Smith ran all over the field last week against the Bears coming up with 12 catches and proved to be the winning ingredient for Carolina.  The Hawks job will be to limit his effectiveness this week.

Notice that I say limit, not stop.  Most analysts agree that he can’t be stopped.  That worries me.

On the other hand, Shaun Alexander will be playing.  Apparently he’s recovered nicely from the concussion he suffered last Saturday against the Redskins.  If he has a good game, I think the Hawks can pull it off.

We’ll know by Monday!  🙂


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