RFID’s injected into biceps

A Cincinnati based surveillance company has recently changed it’s policy on how a person may gain access to the room where it houses it’s video surveillance tapes. A person must submit to having a glass encapsulated RFID taginjected into his or her bicep.

The company is trying to increase the security of their lifeblood, the tapes. I have to admit that I am not yet certain how this bit sits with me.

The good news is that employees are not required to have the injection. Only those wishing to gain access to the room must do it. It does start to conjure images of “Big Brother” however. I know that it is a private company doing this, but it could be a precedence being set that may lead to much wider use.

Then again, maybe it’s just a stand alone case? It’s hard to say but in this day and age I do not believe something of this potential magnitude will pass quietly.


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