Valentines Day

Today is a somewhat unique day. It is a holiday contrived by greeting card, candy and floral companies. How capitalistic is that?

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I think that love relationship deserve to be celebrated. I’m just a little cynical about the nature of a holiday that tries to force that celebration upon us to some corporate schedule. I guess February was in need of a Holiday.

What about August? That’s a month that does not have a holiday to call it’s own. Are we not worried that valuable marketing time is going untapped? Perhaps August, being the last month of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, is expempt due to the amount of travellers trying to get in their last summer blast. Of course it is possible that we will be introduced to something new in the next few years. I imagine int now: Hey everybody, have a great vactation-day weekend!

Ok, that was sad, but you get my point.

I suppose that the main reason that I’m cynical about VDay is this; I do like to celebrate my relationship with my wife, but due to my forgetful and scattered nature anything on a time table becomes unlikely to occur. In the end, it make me feel like a failure, or a loser, or just a plain dumb ass. It’s not that I forget it completely, simply that I can never seem to remember when I have the opportunity to do something about it. I am forever hitting myself on the head as I’m driving in the car, or going to sleep at night about failing to take care of it duri;ng the day when I had the chance. I am certain that something is wrong with me. I imagine that a psychiatrist would tell me that I have some untreatable mental disorder that I am unable to pronounce, let alone spell, but that it’s initials are CRS andwhile not a rare disorder, he/she has never seen such a pronounced case in a person between the ages of 18 and 80.

Now, were was I?


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