RFID vulnerabilities

Adi Shamir to the current RSA conference on his findings concerning the weakness in the current generagion of RFID chips.  This rather interesting, and somewhat concerning coming on the heels of my recent post.

The uninitiated might say that this sort of thing takes a lot of effort and the practicality of someone actually doing it is very low.  Those people, in my opinion, have no clue of the types of things that really go on in the world of electronic security.

I would submit that there are far too many individuals with a lot of talent, toko much time and not enough motivation to put their talent to productive use who will jump at the chance to crack something like this.  It will be for the purpos of fun at first, of course, but at some point it will move into the malicious realm.  Corporate and government agencies around the globe will want a piece of the type of information that can be gained from cracking RFID’s.  Mailicious individuals will take advantage of the “talened but bored” to start turning a proffit.  More shadowcrew’s will emerge.

Shamir hits the nail on the head saying “the pressure to get tags down to five cents each has forced designers to eliminate any security features, a shortcoming that needs to be addressed in next-generation products.”


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