Thoughts on VS 2005

First impression? (ok, maybe not first since I’ve been using it a while) It’s very nice. There are a lot of little things that seem like they’ve been a long time coming. The integration with the “code ahead”, as we call it (the code in aspx/ascx pages vs. the code behind class files) is wonderful. Intellisense has come a long way! I do have to say however that the new model for websites is a bit cumbersome.

I know that there are a lot of fundabmental improvements in the way some of it works, but if you are working on a site that uses a lot of user controls, sometimes nested within each other, and there is an error on one of the pages it really slows the IDE down.

Recently I’ve been working on a project where I have had to pull some functionality out of a page and put it into user controls. On one in particular there are controls nested within controls 3 layers deep, not a big deal IMHO. The problem comes when there is a compile error somewhere in the lowest level The page containing the top level control reports an error.

That’s fine to a certain point, knowing there is an error is a good thing! After fixing the error, the change did not appear in the topmost parent so I decided a compile of the website was in order. Wow, it took 3 minutes! That may not sound like a lot, but when you have to do it several times during an hour, it starts to add up.

I suppose the slow down has something to do with the way pages are compiled dynamically, which is a nice feature, but the overhead really cuts down on productivity at times.


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