In Search Of…

A solution!  Since I have yet to find one, I’ll settle for a little rant.

If you are a developer using the Visual Studio 2005 IDE you may have run across the infamous “unable to copy file…..” error when trying to compile your solution.  If you work on anything somewhat complex with many projects in one solution, you may have experienced this a lot.

Formerly I put the blame on Visual Studio itself.  I have been informed that it is not a problem with VS, but rather an issue with the .NET Frameowork.   I’ve ready many posts about the issue, but have yet to find anything that fixes the problem.  It wouldn’t be so bad, however the project I’m currently working on has 18 projects in the solution and reloading VS every time this happens is a real productivity killer!

Whew, now that I’ve got that off my chest…if anyone finds a solution that works, please leave me a comment about it!


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