Bluetooth is da stuff!

I must say that Bluetooth technology is very nice.  Now I understand that there are a lot of things that it is incapable of doing based in the simple protocol, however I like the simplicity!  It makes my life easier!

My current phone is the Nokia 6820 and I recently purchased the Nokia N80 for my wife for Christmas (yes, she loves techie stuff too).  Both are of course Bluetooth enabled which integrates into the hands free in the care nicely.  It also enabled me to easily move her contacts from her old phone to the new one.  I use it at work to send and read my text messages via the Nokia PC Suite on my laptop which lets me get my messages out there much easier.

There are folks out there critical of Bluetooth shortcomings as a wireless protocol.  To them I say, pfft!  For certain things, simple is better!  Adding a lot of “robust” features to the protocol may degrade its usefulness as a personal area network device!  If you want the robust feature set, go Wi-Fi and be quiet!

As a side note, the N80 I gave to my wife is extremely cool.  I’m jealous now!  While I do not need the 3 megapixel cameral in my phone, the rest of the feature set is great!  I will try to write a proper review sometime soon.


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