DNA as a Weapon

OK, that title may be a stretch. There is an article on NewScientistsSpace discussing research into sequences of DNA that does not exist in nature. The theory behind the research is that the sequences do not exist be cause they are “not compatible with life.”

Exactly what would happen if the sequences were introduced to an organism are of course uncertain however the research team has shown enough promise to be the recipient of a 1 million dollar grant from the Department of Defense. The grant is targeted at developing a marker that could be used in certain criminal cases, however with one theory that some sequences may produce some sort of “suicide gene” in the future, I can see where the DOD may have other interests not publicized.

Of course this is all theory, conjecture and opinion, but it is interesting nonetheless. Science fiction has long had the idea of genetic warfare. Could this be a stepping stone to the next sci-fi reality?

Update: I forgot to cite the Slashdot article that originally led me to this story.


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