Thoughts on the Wildcard game

12th Man Space NeedleTomorrow at 5PM PST the Seattle Seahawks play host to the Dallas Cowboys in one of the two NFC wildcard playoff games.  I’ve posted other thoughts about the upcoming contest and now I think I am ready for my final analysis.

I would normally think that the Hawks would take care of the Cowboys easily, possibly running away with the win.  Then it is time to consider injuries.  With both starting corner backs out among others, that gives me pause.  The Cowboys can be explosive at times.  When Tony Romo is on, he’s hot, and with receivers like Terrell Owens and Terry Glen it is a dangerous situation.  Will the replacement CB’s be able to handle it?

Tony is young, his first year starting, and over the last few games he has looked like it.  He does not have playoff experience and the increase in intensity may hurt him.  It may help as well, getting the adrenaline flowing.  My guess is that he’ll make some mistakes.  The key for Seattle will be capitalizing on them when they happen.

I still feel the Hawks will pull it off, but it will be a much more difficult game than it should be.  The pressure will be on the Offense to score points.  Most of the Offense has playoff experiences which should help out.  Coming off of a win last week should also give them confidence.  The key for the defense, do not give up the big plays!

Final score?  Seattle 33, Dallas 27.  Since this is the first time I’ve predicted a score, we’ll see how well I do.  I will probably be on my IRC channel on EFnet at #seahawks if you want to stop in during the game.  If you don’t have an IRC client I encourge you to use the EFnet webchat.  Just choose a nick, chose Other from the channel list and type in #seahawks.

Go Seahawks!


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