Minor Zune Annoyance

While my initial thoughts on the Zune hold true, I have ran across something that is turning into an annoyance.  I have been enjoying audio books which are typically divided into parts that are 30 to 60 minutes in length.  For the most part, when I pause my book it picks back up where it left off.  There are certain times, I believe when the Zune is plugged in to the USB port and it connects to the software on the computer, when it resets back to the main menu.  I am not positive yet if that is the only instance when this happens, but it is annoying.  If there is anyone that knows of a way to circumvent that behavior, please leave me a comment!


4 thoughts on “Minor Zune Annoyance

  1. Hah! Always has to be one in the bunch! Well, other than the fact that I already bought the Zune and love it, I would have a hard time buying from Apple on principle.

    Besides, I have no guarantees that the iPod doesn’t suffer from the same issue when playing long mp3’s.

  2. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge apple fan, either, nor do I even own an iPod, but every review I’ve seen comparing the two has the iPod ahead (mostly because of better software, interface, and online store — probably things geeks don’t give a rip about). I’d be happy with either, personally — but I’d too broke to get one.

  3. Ah, I see. I can say that you are probably right on with your assessment. From a geek point of view I can live with some things laking in the software UI. I would rather have more control than anything else, heh.

    I can tell you that I decided to go with the Zune due to the nice screen (better than the iPod’s at the time of purchase) and the built in FM tuner. I did consider the iPod, but being from Apple had one hit against it already, heh. Still, the iPod’s are nice and for users that aren’t as technically inclined it may be a slightly better choice, but not by much in my opinion. I would also say that Microsoft will be catching up with the iPod in many ways in the coming months by what I’ve read. There is even a project to get Linux running on the Zune! 😀

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