The future of Microsoft vs. Apple?

This article on Apple Recon poses some interesting theories about the future of Apple and Microsoft centered around the rumored ability (not yet released) to run Macintosh applications on Windows. I must say that it is an interesting strategy, however I do not believe that a company like Microsoft would ever let things get that far.

Microsoft has proven time and time again their ability to change directions due to the environment. Sometimes they go down the wrong path, but they always manage to get back on track. With the resources they have it would be almost criminal to think they couldn’t figure it out at some point.

I do think that if the scenarios presented in that article begin to solidify, and Microsoft does change direction, it will do nothing but bring better products to the marketplace. Competitions is great and some of the applications available for the Mac could be awesome!

Do I love Microsoft? Not particularly. They have products that I think are outstanding and others that I throw fits about. Microsoft Word XP darn near drove me insane! I hope the next version is better, otherwise I’ll stick with for that one. I guess the short of it is, let’s see what comes out of it all!


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