Jabra JX-10 Review

This weekend I upgraded my bluetooth headset from an older Jabra Bt500 to the Jabra JX-10. Wow! What a step up! I was fairly happy with my BT500 for a long time but this new one rocks!

The upgrade was partial a jealously thing, my wife just got a new Nokia N80 and the JX-10 headset, so I had to at least upgrade my headset to match. 😉 In addition, I have not been using the BT500 as much lately. the size of it just seem to annoy me for some reason. When I first got it about a year and a half ago I did not have that issue, but as headsets became smaller I began to dislike it. The battery life was also much shorter than the newer ones so I decided to upgrade.

I really like the weight and feeling of the new JX-10. It is almost forgettable that it is in your ear. The sound quality is very good and the way the speaker sits in my ear I tend to hear it better than the BT500.

The battery life, while I haven’t tested it yet, seems to be very nice. They claim 6 hours of talk time. My wife seems to charge it about every 2-3 days, which isn’t bad considering she hast to charge her phone every day since she uses it as an MP3 player.

I have just connected the headset to my laptop as well and I will be testing it out as an alternative for on-line gaming. It sohuld be interesting to see if I can make that work or not.  I’ll let you know.


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