Sirius and XM have announced a merger

I have been a customer of Sirius Satellite Radio for years via Dish Network and more recently with a new vehicle purchase.  I love it.  My original thoughts of paying for radio being ridiculous have fallen long by the wayside.

Yesterday I read about a proposed merger between Sirius and XM.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Will it be good for the consumer?  In researching the 2 I have found that I like the offering of Sirius to be my preference.  Will the content change?  Will prices go up?  What will the fallout be?

There are some hurdles for the companies to overcome including a provision by the FCC which guards against these types of mergers.  It is possible that the FCC may consent, but it will take a lot of work.

One benefit that I would like would be combining of sports availability.  Sirius carries NFL games as well as NBA and NASCAR, although NFL is my only interest among that list.  XM has the rights to Major League Baseball, the other sport I would like to catch on occasion.

I imagine this will take some time to shake everything out, months considering the government involvement.  We will watch this one.


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