A Milestone!

Apparently the Windows 2000 daylight saving issue is on the mind of many network administrators.  My original post pointing to the patch that we used is getting quite a bit of traffic.  It is understandable with the new date for daylight saving time looming only a few weeks away.

But that is not the milestone.

Windows 2K daylight saving patch gains #1 spot on GoogleMost of the traffic that post is receiving is coming from search engines.  I decided to check out how people were getting there by searching on Google for Windows 2k daylight saving patch and was surprised, very pleasantly I might add, to find the #1 link for that search term to be my post!

I know that the rankings on google are fairly fluid so I thought I would capture it for posterity.  Thank you Google and thanks to all out there who may have linked back here to help get me a milestone such as this!


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