Viewstate Helper from Binary Fortress Software

Wow, I am going to be accused of becoming a Scott Hanselman sycophant if he keeps up the pace of the great posts he’s had lately!  In his most recent post (as of the time of this writing) he points out a piece of software recently discovered.  After reading through his review I had to try it out for myself.  It is the ASP.NET Viewstate Helper from Binary Fortress Software.  This is a very nice tool!

It sits in the background monitoring the HTTP conversations that IE has.  It presents a historical list of the pages visted along with some stats about the size of the page and the Viewstate, if it has one.  It also allows you to double click on a page to see the decompiled version of the Viewstate.

It tries to display the viewstate in a tree view, although I have found it doesn’t always work.  It does give you a text representation that will get you what you need although you may have to search through it a bit if the viewstate is complex.

The one downside I have found so far is that it does not work with Firefox, or at least I have not happened upon how to do it.  For the time, I can live with that.  The information that it provided on a few of the sites we’ve created has already been eye-opening.


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