My First Foray Into Podcasting

DDOcast, the weekly podcast about Dungeons and Dragons Online: StormreachWell, sort of. This week I have been producing a 5+ minute segment for the weekly podcast called DDOCast. It is produced by Jerry Snook with content related to the Massively Muliplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Dungeons and Dragons Online, or DDO. My segment, termed Tips with Marek, is a short bit in which I share various tips and tricks that I’ve learned in the past year of playing this excellent game.

It has taken a bit more effort than I originally though that it would. Creating the script was the lion’s share of the time as I would re-edit content until I felt it would sound good. The recording and editing of the sound file itself was not bad, that took only about 20 minutes. I’m sure that I will become more efficient with future segments. I also believe that my writing on this blog helped me with the script. I do not know if I was faster, but I believe the content was better.

If you are an online gamer at all, you should check out the DDO Cast or simply subscribe here. Jerry does a great job producing an entertaining and informative show. If you are just interested in my segment, I believe it will be in episode 5 which will probably be published around March 3rd.

[Update] I just finished listening to this weeks cast. My segment is in there, entitled Tips with Marek. It is in Episode 5 (3-3-07) available on Cyberears. Please feel free to leave comments here about my segment, or send email to marekthemage at gmail dot com. If you would like the transcript you may download Tips with Marek – Pulling MOB’s.


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