More on Podcasting – Review of Audacity

Free Audio Editor and RecorderToday I finished up my 2nd installment of “Tips With Marek” for the weekly DDOcast by Jerry Snook.  I put a little more time into producing this one by going back through the recording to remove pauses, breathing and all of those little unwanted background sounds that come with most recorded voices  I also decided to add a little intro and outro music to give it a little more professional feel, even though I am far from a professional in the sound editing arena!

I had been using a fairly simple sound editing program for things such as deleting unwanted pieces (screw ups, etc.) and cropping things where necessary.  The program (unnamed at this point) was doing fine, but it was slow.  When it came time to merge in my music I found that it just didn’t have the functionality to easily accomplish what I was after.

I decided to give Audacity a try.  I had used it in the past for some very simple editing but I recalled that others had used more recent versions for more complex tasks.  I hopped on over to the project page on Sourceforge and downloaded the most recent release, 1.3.2 (beta).  After reading through some tutorials and a little of the documentation, I was off and running.  Within an hour I had the file I was looking for, not bad for someone who had never had to do it before!  Audacity blew me away!

The ability to add, manipulate, move and merge multiple tracks into one file was not only comprehensive and powerful, but it was easy to do.  The simple drag-n-drop interface worked like a charm.  Built in plug-ins for fading worked for part of my clip, and the ability to use the “envelope editor” for more advanced volume control of the merged pieces was wonderful!  I will be uninstalling the other software and moving my editing to Audacity.  Kudos to Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg for starting the project and to the entire team, from contributors to the leadership council for a stunning product that certainly rivals commercial software in the realm of audio editing!


4 thoughts on “More on Podcasting – Review of Audacity

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I am looking for a voice recording software that is free and easy to use to record presentations. Please give me an update per your experience with Audacity to date. Thank you my friend and have a pleasant day. Craig

  2. Hiya second,

    Basically I like Audacity as an audio editor, which is it’s role. You can use it fairly easily to record audio as well. Depending on your setup your quality will vary of course. If you have nice mic’s going into your computer, or better yet through a decent mixer, you’ll get great audio that you can then manipulate as necessary.

    I’m not sure what else you are looking for. I hope that helps.

  3. Hi Palehorse,
    How is Audacity different than Goldwave in ease of use? I ask because I am not tech savy and would like to have a stream lined process available to put together a presentation for an upcoming conference. Any ideas on how to make this process as “painless as possible?

    Thank you for your time and kindness. Craig

  4. Second,

    unfortunately I do not have much experience with Goldwave. I can say that I found Audacity fairly easy to use and I know that several people in my office have used it, including some of the non-technical folks. It is a free download (open source as well) so it is probalby worth a look.

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