Podcasting and Rights Management

The next episode of DDOcast is available now at Cyberears.  My second contribution is included.  I mentioned earlier on that I had more fun with this one in the editing phase.  While I think that the segment is better produced than my first, however I had to pull the intro and outro pieces since the music was copyrighted.  Bummer 😦

I did some research and found some good articles and guidelines discussing the way to go about using this sort of material.  It all comes down to money of course, and at this time I do not think I am ready to spend it.  It seems a bit silly to me that two clips lasting a combined total of about 15 seconds would cost close to 300 dollars US per year.  I suppose if there were money being made off of the podcast that would be different, however a completely free cast with no advertising makes it seem silly.

That aside, check out the latest episode.  There are some good things in there.  I am enjoying it and the information that Jerry compiles for us.


2 thoughts on “Podcasting and Rights Management

  1. Yeah, it kinda stinks about the copyrighted music thing. I’ve tried to be real careful about using copyrighted stuff. Good call on Audacity, too – I love that program myself. Thanks for your work for the podcast – sounds great!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Jerry. I love the podcast, it’s a lot of fun to listen to. I really liked the idea you mentioned the other day about hitting play and logging on to DDO to do banking, auction house and other miscellaneous things. That’s what I will start doing 🙂

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