Crossing the line

I am not an A List blogger by any stretch.  I’m lucking if I can be considered anything above Z List so I doubt I’ll ever have to worry about something like what happened to Kathy Sierra.  This is disturbing beyond belief.  It has caused outrage, disgust and more amongst the decent people in the blogsphere such.  Robert Scoble is taking a week off due to the distress he and his wife have felt due to the recent events in Kathy’s life.

Kathy is correct, we should not allow this sort of thing to be acceptable.  We like to think of ourselves as decent human beings, but on occasions like this we are reminded that not all of us are decent.  Somewhere a line gets crossed and it is not OK.

This is the same type of behavior, amplified, that you see in the school yard bully in 4th grade.  They use intimidation to provoke fear, presumably to make themselves feel better about their own inadequecies or some such psycoanalytical reasoning that someone like myself cannot comprehend.  Comprehension aside, it exists when it should not.  We are a (supposedly) civilized race of (again supposedly) intelligent, sentient beings.  How can we be so callous towards our fellows on this spinning rock?

As I said, and Kathy, and many others, we cannot stand for this.  I do not know what can be done.  Legal recourse may be able to alleviate the immediate problem, however it does not address the underlying issue in which this type of behavior is at some point fostered.

I do not pretend to understand what Kathy and others like her are going through emotionally, I can only offer my support by way of agreeing that this is disgusting and outrageous.  I wish Kathy well and I hope that this is somehow resolved to give her peace of mind, although as she has admited she will be forever changed by it.


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