Back to writing, craziness calming, TFS and a test passed

Wow, it’s been a busy few weeks.  Seems like work has kept me more focused than normal with certain work items needed.  I apologize to my loyal readers for the lack of content recently.

I have had my first real look at Microsoft Team Foundation Server and I must say I am not impressed.  It looks like it has some nice features, however I would not say that it is worth the price of admission.  Licensing seems a bit high and the preferred method of using it via Visual Studio is a bit clunky.  The add-in (Team Explorer) works well enough, but it is plain and seems to bloat VS as many add-ins do.  If I am going to settle for reduced performance in my development IDE I would expect more out of it.   At this time I am looking into SharpForge, a somewhat new and growing open source project designed to perform some of the functionality of TFS or SourceForge.  The web interface from TeamPlain, recently acquired by Microsoft, is not bad.  I will admit that I am a bit predisposed against the entire system since it is based on Microsoft SharePonit Portal Server.  I have yet to be convinced that the platform is desirable enough to move to.

In the mean time, I also passed another test on my way to MCSD and then MCPD.  70-315, Developing Web Applications with Visual C#.NET is complete.  On to the next one!  Target date is set for 3 weeks, although budget may push it to next month.  I hate tax time.  😉



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