What is a picture really worth, or, what is in a MegaWord?

Dragon ConceptThe saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  I have a lot of questions about this saying.  In today’s world of trying to quantify, classify or define everything it is a bit ambiguous.

Let’s try to quantify a little.  We live in the technology age so I will try to apply modern terminology for a better grasp at the meaning.

OK, a picture = 1 picture = a thousand words = 1000 words.   Now to my way of thinking, that would mean that a picture could also be referred to as a MegaWord, or MW for short.Dragon Final

1 picture = 1000 words = 1MW.  Now we are speaking my language and the descriptive value of a picture begins to take shape.  The real question now becomes accuracy.  If we follow the terminology of today, 1MW should equate to 1024 words.

There you have it!  Another saying demystified, quantified and specified.  Now you know that your photo album contains x *1024 words where x is the number of photos!


3 thoughts on “What is a picture really worth, or, what is in a MegaWord?

  1. A Megaword is actually 1,000,000 words. Or 1,000 Kilowords. Or if you’re using the to-be-depreciated computer binary shorthand, then it’s 1,048,576 words (or sometimes 1,024,000 depending on which definition you prefer).

  2. Excellent! I had hoped somebody would pick up on my flaw. After writing this up and posting it fairly quickly, I realized that I’d not thought it out well enough. Thank you for the correction!

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