When will the world be free?

I know that is a grandiose and generally ambiguous statement, I am simply unable to come up with a better title at the moment.

You may be aware of the recent events leading to the firing of radio icon Don Imus.  It was not a good situation.  It was a testament to the fact that we, as a society, still have issues to face around the racial forum.  Unfortunately only one side tends to get examined for it’s wrong-doings, the side of the majority.

Please, do not get me wrong.  I agree that what Imus said was 100% wrong and the thought process that produced his comments is the root of the problem, however the minority side has just as many thought processes that need adjusted.

An recent example that exemplifies this was the move Beauty Shop.  It was funny and I enjoyed it, however there was a point in the movie where it was made plain that a Caucasian girl (played by Alicia Sylverstone) could not say the”N” word while it was O.K. for the rest of the ladies in the shop (all African American) to use it freely.  It is the other side of the same coin and it saddens me.  If the word has as many negative connotations as it does, none should use it.  Let’s get real.  It’s just another form of of the same problem, but since it is coming from the minority it becomes acceptable.

Another example is pointed out, at least from my point of view, by Scott Adams’ post about the Imus event which is where this post started.  It was a bad situation that was in the end handled very well, yet one thing is still missing.  I’ll let you read his post if you are interested.


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