New CEO at Joost

Joost recently hired Mike Volpi as the new CEO of the Internet TV startup.  Some people are focusing on the fact that he is “not fully acculturated” since he will be steering a company hoping to revolutionize the television viewing paradigm.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing.  Mr. Volpi was the person in charge of mergers and acquisitions at CISCO during its rise in the 90’s.  I believe that Joost will need a solid business man to help them forge ahead in the technology realm and a person that has the ability to break through the legal issues regarding copyrighting and licensing that is sure to ensue.

Some people have knocked Joost for its resource intensive client, while others have pointed to existing P2P Internet TV networks.  I will say that Joost is still early in development.  Applications usually have not been optimized in the stage they are in.  I am willing to give them a chance to correct that.  Yes, there are other networks that have been around.  Why haven’t they taken off the way Joost has?  Marketing?  Maybe.  Interface design?  Maybe.  How about content?  Possibly.  Not having tried the others yet I just can’t say.  I will tell you that my opinion of the user experience in Joost has been very positive.  The bugs that are there will be worked out, I believe.  At this point, Joost is still my pick.

Go Mike!


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