Ode To The Soap

Certain people are gifted with the propensity to take every-day life situations and turn them into whimsical retrospectives.  Scott Adams is one of those individuals (not induhviduals) and I am an avid reader of both The Dilbert Blog and Dilbert, his often IT / corporate focused comic.

Today was one of those days where his reflections on the life of a bar of soap found a warm spot in my heart.  Everyone with any modicum of hygiene has been through this cycle and found themselves at the end Scott so eloquently describes at least several times.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to pick up a tiny piece of soap after it hits the shower floor. It’s difficult, even if you aren’t in prison.

Once again Mr. Adams, you have made my day.  Thank you for the wonderful peek into another of humanity that we can all share a laugh about.


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