Useless Feature of the Month

Some people prefer to install everything they believe they will need on their workstation as soon as possible. Others tend to wait until they need it before installing. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of that road.

I have a list of things I know I use every day which gets installed right off the bat. Next comes things as I need them. I know I will probably use them at some point, but it’s not worth taking the time right now, rather it’s worth taking the time later. It is simply a matter of priority, or procrastination. You decide.

Recently I ran into the need to use Microsoft Visio. I had Office 2007 installed of course, I use that almost daily. Visio is one of those things that I know I will need, but I usually only have the requirement for 1 week out of 6 or 7. This was that week so I happily inserted the DVD and let the installer work its magic.

Now comes the fun part. I created a nice high-level use case diagram for a preliminary requirements document. I decided that I would simply copy and paste it into my Word file, no problem! I noticed that the paste operation had left an unsightly amount of white space at the time.

Visio Conversion Step 1No biggie, I’d simply convert it to a bitmap and then crop it. First, right click on the diagram. There’s my convert option, now we are cooking! Click on the option and…

Visio Conversion Step 2Now how useless is that? I have the option to convert it from a Microsoft Visio Diagram to a Microsoft Visio Diagram. ugh! Thanks a lot, MS!

Now you might say that I simply have something wrong, or I only have to click x option to get what I want. I will argue that I shouldn’t have to do that. It’s a simple operation. There’s a menu that promises a conversion. There should be something to convert it into other than the format it is already in.



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