Wonderful Photographer

Recently my wife decided to have a professional do a photography session with our family. A friend of hers, Michelle Maor, had recently decided to “take the plunge” into her own photography business. Michelle has taught various Photoshop and other photography related classes at Central Oregon Community College here in Bend and we decided that we’d help each other out.

Tower Theater - HarleyI am so happy and immensely impressed with the results! Michelle captured some very unique images. We spent about two and a half hours together starting down at Drake Park. She had us pose in several different ways. Afterwards we wandered into downtown Bend to get some candid shots around town. Her knack for composition and opportunity was wonderful! She used well-known landmarks combined with interesting circumstances to put together some great artwork. In this example she combined The Tower Theater and a Harley Davidson that happened to be parked on the street for a noir-like feeling.

The Bench ManWe finished up in an area know as the Old Mill District. It is the newest (a few years old now) shopping area that caters a bit to the large tourist traffic we get here in Bend. The new brick-built condominiums have a nice, north-eastern feeling reminiscent of Brooklyn.

She made the experience fun. It was evident that she enjoyed the process by the unique ideas she came up with. I also enjoyed the non-traditional framing that she used on several of the photographs. So many photographers simply put the subject in the middle and snap away. The good ones, the ones with a passion, experiment with different techniques to get that “special” shot. Michelle is definitely one of those.

Michelle also produced a coffee table book for us with several of the best photos laid out very nicely. Sheri (my wife) loves to take it when we go places, and I don’t blame her. It’s a very nice way to show and talk about the fun time that we had.

Thanks Michelle!


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