Version comparison tool for subversion (svn)

Via The Daily Grind I just discovered svn-time-lapse-view.  This is a little java utility which allows you to analyze a file from a subversion repository and compare revisions.  It gives you a side-by-side view with a slider to scroll through the history showing you the modifications to the file between adjacent versions.  Very nice!

There have been many times that I have had to (using TortoiseSVN) select 2 adjacent versions, compare revisions, close the window and go to the next 2 to track down where something in the source changed, was removed or added. This tool, created by Jonathan Aquinio, works as a great time saver for that type of analysis.

Jonathan was apparently inspired by a similar feature in Perforce, although I do not have experience with that tool.  Bravo for creating this one!


3 thoughts on “Version comparison tool for subversion (svn)

  1. Hey, speaking of subversion… The web usergroup I manage here is Bend is having a meeting next Thurs and there will be a presentation about that topic! Would love to see ya there!

  2. Sure!

    Here’s the website:

    And the meeting info:
    Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 6:00pm

    Topic: Source Control with Subversion (by Ryan Miller)
    Location: Deschutes Public Library, Hutchinson Room (upstairs, near the periodicals), 601 N.W. Wall Street, Bend 97701

    You’ve probably heard of Subversion, maybe you even use it already. Perhaps you use CVS, VSS or one of the other source control repositories out there. Or, maybe you don’t use any source control at all. *screams of horror*

    This presentation will serve as an overview into what source control is and why you should use it, and how Subversion works. We’llcover how to setup Subversion and how to use Tortoise and Subclipse, two popular subversion clients. I’ll also touch on some advanced topics such as tagging, branching and merging, with concrete, real-world examples. If you’re already a Subversion user and have some questions, bring those with you and I’ll do my best to answer them.

    After the presentation we will head down the street to O’Kanes Pub (at McMenamin’s) for socializing around the outdoor fireplace!

    If you are interested in attending please contact Jen, or visit the page for this event at and click “I’m attending”.

    6:15pm – Announcements and door prizes
    6:30pm – Presentation by Ryan Miller
    8:00pm – Social at McMenamin’s (O’Kanes)

    Hope to see you there!


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