Visual Studio 2008 RTM

Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2008 to manufacturing today. According to some it has become available for download on the MSDN subscriber site, but only the Team Suite edition. Since we do not have the “über” subscription (I believe ours is one step below that) we’ll have to wait for MS to make the professional edition available.

Update: I finally was able to start downloading.  Apparently MS decided to use a different distribution method (Akami?) to get over the initial rush, or at least that is my guess on the matter and it is purely my own speculation.  The download location was not the normal MSDN subscriber downloads area.  In addition, I had to install a new download manager and of course allow popups from before I could get it started, but now it’s on is own merry way to my computer!  It’s coming down at a good clip too, ,about 570 KB/sec so if things remain as they are I should have it within a couple of hours.  😀

Good luck to anyone else, hopefully grabbing this one 🙂


9 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2008 RTM

  1. Did your downloaded file work as expected? I downloaded en_visual_studio_2008_professional_x86_x64wow_dvd_X14-26326.iso, but wasn’t able to open it using any zip program. And when I tried burning it to a DVD using Nero, the verify disk step reported dozens of errors. When I insert the DVD afterwards, it causes Windows Explorer to hang forever.

    Do you have an md5 key for a correctly downloded file?

  2. Eivind,

    I’m still in the process of downloading. It’s currently at 41% with about 1 hour estimated remaining. The file I am downloading is the same one you’ve got so we will see.

    As a note, I would not expect it to open with a zip utility as it is an ISO file (disk image). Burning it with Nero should have worked. I’ll be attempting something similar when it is completed, although I may mount it with Daemon Tools first just to make sure the image file is good.

    I will post another update when I’ve gotten further.

  3. I just wanted to say that my download works after all.

    I burned it again on my good old laptop. I guess Nero doesn’t work well on Vista x64. First disk I’ve tried to burn on my new computer. So there wasn’t anything wrong with the iso-file.

  4. Hmmm …

    I am having some strange issues, too. Would be great to get the MD5 or SHA-1 Hash of your image. Maybe mine got corrupted during the download :(.




  5. Gary,

    My hashes are the same as Andi’s. Good luck with your download and install.




  6. For anybody who needs a md5 for the german version of VS:



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