Blood Bowl coming to the XBox 360!

If you hung around the gaming crowd in the mid 80’s – 90’s, you’ve probably heard of, seen or played Blood Bowl.  The concept from Games Workshop is a game based on American football crossed with the Warhammer universe, in other words, a brutal contest on the gird iron between Orcs, Elves, Skaven, Humans and more.  Rules, well, who needs them!  Injuries and fatalities are common.

Now a French publisher, Focus Home Interactive, is bringing the game from Cyanide Studios to the XBox 360.  One description from one of the game developers was “One team kicks the ball, then all hell breaks loose.”  Man it sounds like fun!

It sounds like there will be online play including league play.  It will have the traditional turn-based mechanic, but they will include a real-time mode for those that really want it.  The game is being slated for Q4 2008 so there is  awhile to wait, but I must admit this one sounds like a lot of fun!.

To check out some early screen shots and read a bit more, check out the GameSpot page. You can also listen to an interview with Cyanide Studios in the middle of Episode #129 of Gamertag Radio.


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