Gmail on Windows Mobile 5

OK, I’ve been through this twice now, so I figure it is time to write it down.  Yesterday I had to do a hard reset on my HTC 4300 running Windows Mobile 5.  I would LOVE to upgrade to 6, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

I had previously had a version of the Gmail for Mobile application installed and working, but forgotten how I’d done it.  After a couple of hours repeatedly trying to install the current version, upgrading my Java Intent MIDlet Manager, trying to install again, downloading the .jar directly and more, I had no luck.

I finally decided to try the 1.0 version of the applet.  Viola!  That worked!  If anyone from Google happens to read this, you may want to test the current version with WM 5 since there are a lot of phones out there waiting for their providers to upgrade.

Here is the direct link to the 1.0 jar file.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Gmail on Windows Mobile 5

  1. Thanks Nino, I thought it had something to do with compatibility, just did not find any resources. Still, it would be nice to have something that wasn’t quite so fragile. 😀 Heck, I’d like to see a native WM app rather than the java Midlet, but I suppose unless I (or some other bored engineer) write it that’s too much to ask.

    I do have to say that I like the way the gmail app looks on my phone.

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