Digital Photography for Geeks!

I have been an avid listener / reader of Scott Hanselman for quite a while now.  His weekly Hanselminutes podcast is one of my favorites on my Zune.

This week he strayed a bit from the standard development based subject to interview Aaron Hockley.  Aaron and Scott chat for a little more than 30 minutes discussing various aspects of digital photography.

Last year I purchased a Nikon D80, which I love, but I have no clue how to use it effectively.  I can use the auto settings and of course I like to “play” with the settings every so often to see if I can get some different effects, but it is 100% accidental if anything comes out nice.

Aaron goes into the basics which is helping me fill out the holes (many of them!) in my knowledge and I am looking forward to focusing on the concepts he talks about to take my photography to the next level (ok, so that’s probably just level 2).

Thanks Scott for sitting down with Aaron, and thank you Aaron for sharing!


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