In which the customers are forgotten in the war between Cable and the Network…

If you live in Central Oregon and have been a BendBroadband subscriber, chances are you longer receive the FOX feed.  KFXO and BendBroadband have been unable to reach a mutual agreement regarding the transmission fee KFXO is asking for from the cable company.

Now, I am unsure of the fairness of the fee.  It may be 100% legitimate and fair, or FOX may be asking more than they should.  I really do not have enough knowledge to form an opinion on the matter.

I am; however, qualified to give this outlook.  I am (one of) the customer.  I do not care what the dispute is.  I simply know that FOX should come through my television set when I ask it to.

The workaround proposed by KFXO is to purchase an over-the-air digital receiver.  There are 3 problems with that, or more depending on where one lives.

  1. Why should the customer have to pay for a piece of equipment they will likely (hopefully!) never need again once the two companies reach an agreement?
  2. Who will install this piece of equipment for those (most customers) that cannot get by with it in the house?
  3. What about the fact that more and more people use their DVR’s to record shows?  It will not work with a built-in cable DVR.
  4. For those out of the city, behind hills or in valleys the tuner is not even a viable option.

Personally, I blame both companies.  Each has their claims (FOX, BendBroadband) that the other isn’t being fair.  Grow up and reach an agreement!  Compromise a bit, each of you!  Offer an extension, whatever.

This time of year is of course huge considering the NFL is getting into the full playoff swing and some of the games each weekend are carried by FOX.  Think about the customer a bit and realize that all you are doing (both companies) is losing respect and possibly customers (on the cable side).


4 thoughts on “In which the customers are forgotten in the war between Cable and the Network…

  1. You have so stated my feelings on this subject. One, I’m sick of both sides complaining about it – their TV ads are becoming tiresome.

    Just fix it! Don’t ask us to purchase other equipment, stand on our roof with a coat hanger, etc. Just come to a concensus and be done with it.

    Who is really losing here? FOX’s advertisers! Can you imaging having paid for this month’s FOX ad bill, then to find out your ad is not going out over cable as before? I’d be FURIOUS!

  2. wow, you’re powerful Joel. You wrote this…and voila, the problem has been “resolved”.

    Thank god. Whew.

    Now, please write about the problem in Isreal, and world hunger, and please get those solved today too. 🙂

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