Blogging (and micro-blogging) Hiatus

I have been on a bit of a lapse in the blogging, twitter, 12 seconds and other social network arenas.  Robert Scoble once posted The Corporate Weblog Manifesto.  Rule #13 states

If your life is in turmoil and/or you’re unhappy, don’t write.

He gives a brief, non-specific example of the potential effects.  My family has been going through some rough times lately that I will not get into in this forum, but suffice it to say that the stress level has been high and, though I have wanted to share my thoughts on several things of late, I did not want to fall victim to subconscious changes to my writing affecting the quality.

After almost 2 months, we are coming to terms with the changes in our lives at home and, while things are still far from what most people consider normal, we are at least coping.

I have to admit that not blogging during the break was somewhat of a relief but now I must deal with the consequences of my blog’s loss of relevance, but more importantly, it’s time to get back into something I enjoy, writing!


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