What’s So Hard About Managing Podcasts?

<rant>What is the big deal with podcasts?  I’ve tried many different podcast client software and all have had one problem that seems to remain the same.  At times, they will suddenly start downloading old podcasts that have already been listened to.  Argh!  Some podcasts (like my local news, the Bend Bulletin) have archives going back or over 2 years that I then must go delete in order to clean up the massive amount of space they’re using again!</rant>

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, the real question is, where does the fault lie?  Is it with the software itself, or is it the content provider?  Do the content owners change something that causes all of the items to look “new” or does the software simply fail at some point to recognize that the episodes are old?

I’ve tried Miro, Zune, Juice and HappyFish among others and they all seem to have the same occasional (once a week or so) problem.  If anybody has a better suggestion, I”d be happy to try it!

The one thing that I like to do, which may be different that most users (although I don’t think it’s so unusual) is to save some of the episodes.  For example, I subscribe to some guitar podcasts and many of the lessons I like to keep.  Maybe that’s messing them up?  It shouldn’t, but man it is annoying!


3 thoughts on “What’s So Hard About Managing Podcasts?

  1. Sounds like you have a bad RSS feed reader. The client is refreshing the RSS feed and marking them all as new?

    What do you listen to podcasts on? iPod/computer?

    • Well, I’ve had that behavior on all of the readers I listed above which is the weird thing. I typically listen/watch them on my laptop. If I want any on my Zune or my Android, I manually copy them there, but 95% of the time it’s via my laptop.

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