I Am Android

image The cell phone I’ve used for the past year and a half finally gave up the ghost.  I was using an HTC P4300, one from the touch screen family of HTC phones.  For the most part, it was OK as a phone platform; however, the Windows Mobile 5 operating system did have it’s issues.  I believe that I had to hard reset it to factory defaults and reinstall and configure my system 4 or 5 times during it’s life span.  That’s not terrible for someone in the tech industry, but your average phone user would probably find it irritating.

The phone recently went into the mode where it decides to start rebooting itself continually until it is plugged in to its power source making it utterly unusable, so it was time to start shopping.

I looked at some of the comparable upgrade options in the HTC, WinMo family.  There were some promising modes, but alas my carrier only had 1, and it was roughly 8-10 months old.  Considering the price tag approaching $350 USD. I decided that it was bit more than I really wanted to spend.

My options were to move to the Crack…er…BlackBerry.  I’ve never really like them so other options simply did not have the capabilities I wanted and needed.

imageOn to another carrier!  T-Mobile has the G1 (on the HTC Dream) running the Linux based Android system.  Here is a platform that has most of what I need and I have the ability to write my own applications for it, as I did with Windows Mobile.  I decided it was time for a switch.

At the same time my wife’s phone has been giving her fits.  She was ready for something new as well.  At first, all she wanted was a phone; however, the more we talked the more we came to realize that she really wanted more than that.  One of her highest priorities was the ability to easily get to her GMail account from her handset so we decided to get her a G1 as well.

I must admit that I was a bit worried.  I’d read some reviews that knock the so called “Google Phone” for not having a UI as polished as the iPhone.  While my wife is more tech-savvy than many that are not part of the tech sector, I did not want her to struggle with her telephone.

After talking it through, we went ahead with the order.  Due to the demand, the phones were not in stock in the store so we had to wait, anxiously , for them to arrive.

Our new G1’s arrived by UPS on a cold Tuesday evening.  After charging them up and flipping through the getting started guide to make sure it was easy to follow, I handed the guide and phone to my wife and grabbed mine to start setting it up and exploring the Android Market.

45 minutes later, from the other side of the couch, I heard a sound that brought me back to my youth.  It was the familiar song denoted the start of a game of Pac-Man.  I had seen it in the app market, so I had to laugh a bit and ask my wife what was going on.

Me: “Wife, what’cha got there?”

Wife: “shhh…oh..oh!!!! Dang it!” <followed by the bwoop bwoop of Pac-Man dying>

Wife: “I downloaded Pac-Man, this is SO COOL!”

Me: “Good, so you’re feeling OK with the phone?”

Wife: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Me: “Did you get your GMail set up?”

Wife: “Yeah, and my calendar is there too.”

Me: “Great!”

Wife: “Yeah”…pauses…”You know, It says a lot about a product when you are able to set everything up you want to without cracking open the book at all.”

Epic win for the Android in my opinion.  Thanks Google & T1!